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here are some embroidery projects that i've been working on over the past little bit.

i got the idea for this first one when we saw a tree at the tulip gardens with some initials carved into it. steven told me that when we own our own house, he'll carve our initials in it. so in the meantime, we have this one to hang in our house.
i tried a brand new stitch on it, and i think it turned out rather well. i'll need a bit more practice before i'd say it was perfect, but it's not bad! also, i'm not sure if i want to get a very, very light tan color to embroider woodgrain on the rest of the circle. and i'm also not sure if i want to finish it off or leave the ends sticking out like that. i kind of like the rustic appeal it has, but i'm not sure if i'd like it better the other ways... [[what's your opinion? i'd love to know!]]

this second project was inspired by a post from twig and thistle. i'd heard of other people embroidering letters before too. but i never got around to it. i've had the idea in my head for a while to embroider some sweet text messages from the first little bit that we were engaged, but i can't find my charger for that phone, so i can't find any.

anyway, here's my second project.i stitched linen to look like a piece of paper, or a little note someone would pass in high school or something. then i embroidered "so... i think i love you." on it. i don't think i've ever really embroidered handwriting before. it's harder than it looks! especially with my tiny, swoopy handwriting that i have. to finish it off, i allowed for a 1/4 inch seam all around and i have a back piece that are connected together. so that you can't see the ends of the string if you flip it over.

it's now hanging about our toilet. lol. so romantic, i know! hahaha! but it needed something, and steven and i enjoy really hot showers, so steam ruins any sort of print or artwork we would hang in there. i figured this would be perfect. [and now that i'm looking at it, i remembered what i forgot to do... stitch 3 little circles on the left edge for holes... oh well. it's still pretty darn cute if you ask me!]

[[do tell!]]
what are your favorite patterns or ideas for embroidery? have you ever wanted to try something, but didn't because it looked too hard?

***i have a new post here with some updates and announcements, please take time to read!***


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