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Outfit for Running Errands

This past weekend we had a lot of things to do.  Like buying some new clothes for Steven's new job.  It was an exhausting weekend, but I'm happy I wasn't wearing sweatpants and Uggs like a lot of people that were out.  Sometimes I really wish I could wear jammies out of the house, especially when I run to the grocery store to buy rice for my iPhone 5, which I dropped in the toilet yesterday.  But I just can't.  But that's another story.  Want to hear one more thing?  I love coconut oil for my hair.  I'll be blogging more about that on Thursday.  But it's amazing.  I love it.
jcrew heart sweater
Sweater: J. Crew Outlet
Shirt:  ASOS
Corduroy pants:  Madewell
Shoes:  Jeffrey Campbell

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