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DIY Felt Valentines

When I found these little mailboxes in the dollar section at Target, I put some straight into my cart.  Paisley picked out a pink one (which she hid so Riley couldn't get it), Riley picked out the red mailbox, and I liked the turquoise.  I knew I wanted to make some sort of mail so they could play with their mailboxes.  I had originally thought I could do some sort of cardstock mail set, but Riley would've destroyed anything made of paper in less than two days.  Both of them love felt toys so I decided to work on making these.  I had wanted to make them two weeks ago, but that's when the flu hit our family and I ended up sleeping the majority of the next week and a half.  When I was finally feeling better I was able to stitch these up a little every night.  Once I was on my antibiotics, I was able to sew much faster and made several of these in one evening while watching a movie.
Pinking shears
Embroidery thread
Embroidery needle
Printable pattern
1.  Using the printable pattern, cut out the pieces of felt you will need.  1 envelope shape (the dashed line is for folding later, so don't cut that), 1 stamp square cut with pinking shears, 1 little heart, 2 small rectangles, and either 1 big heart or the 3 smaller ones.
2.  Stitch the little heart onto the stamp square.  I used two threads while sewing this part.  Then stitch the stamp onto the envelope shape.
3.  Embroider the small loops to represent the name of who you'll be sending it to.  If you want, you can use felt glue and a small piece of ric-rac instead, or leave it blank.
4.  Fold the envelope where the dotted line is on the pattern and blanket stitch the sides. I used 4 of the 6 threads for this part so that it would be more sturdy.
5.  For the valentine, stitch the heart(s) onto one of the small rectangles.  Stitch the two rectangles together.  I used the blanket stitch for some and running stitch for the others.  Be sure to tuck the knot in between the two small rectangles.  If you're feeling ambitious, you could embroider loops or glue on ric-rac onto the "back" rectangle before stitching them together.  Then you'd have a letter of sorts.
Just tuck the valentines into the envelopes and you're done!  Of course you don't need the little mailboxes to play with them and you don't need to say they're valentines either, just little love notes to "send" your friends while you're playing.

I hope you enjoy these and they can definitely be used all year.  If you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment, email, or tweet to me.

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