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DIY Heart Attack Tree

Have you ever heard of people "heart attacking" another person?  Basically, for those who don't know, you cut out tons of hearts out of paper, and put them in the yard or room of the person who's being "heart attacked."  My bestie friend Mitchell and his sister Kim heart attacked my room on my 16th birthday.  They punched out hundreds and hundreds of pink and green hearts.  They put them everywhere in my room and piled them on my fan so when I turned it on, they all rained down.  It was so fun!  My older brother and sister got heart attacked in our front lawn.  Their friends stuck construction paper hearts on kebab spears (or something similar) and stuck them in the ground.  Their's said things like "Happy Birthday" or "Will you go to prom with me?" spaced out on different hearts, so you had to figure it out.  Anyway, I made this cute little tree (because I'm a huge fan of decorative trees) and because all of the little hearts remind me of the heart raining down from my fan and gathering up in little piles.
Styrofoam tree form (I got one that's ~9 inches tall from Michaels)
Red felt
Fabric scissors
Applique/Sequin pins
Felt glue
Awl (or craft knife)
Create the Base
1.  Cut a piece of felt to wrap around the base of the tree form.  Using the pins, pin the beginning of the felt to the tree.  Continue going around the tree.  If your felt starts to make a gap, cut a little bit into the felt at the top, cross the two sides over each other and pin.
2.  Cut out bunches of hearts in large, medium, small, and extra small .  I cut off the bottoms, except for the extra small ones.
3.  Pin the large hearts so the ends go right down to the bottom of the tree.
Tree Layers
4.  Continue pinning around the base, layering one side over the other.
5.  When you move to the next row, have the tips of the hearts alternate from the tips on the bottom row.  Keep at it until you reach the top of the tree.
6.  Cut a circle that will fit over the top of the tree, cut little lines in it, lay it on top of the tree.  Overlap the little cuts and pin.
Tree Layers
7.  Put a small dot of glue on the extra small hearts.
8.  Apply the heart to the top of the tree.  My glue says not to apply pressure as the glue will soak into the two pieces.
9.  Cut out two big hearts by folding a piece of felt in half so they match up.  Put a small bead of felt glue leaving the bottom of the heart without glue.  Stick the two pieces together and let it cure.
10.  Using your awl or craft knife cut a small hole in the center of the top of the tree.
Tree Topper
11.  Stick a toothpick into the tree topper.
12.  Insert the toothpick into the hole on the top of the tree.  If you need to, push a tooth pick into the tree before putting the heart on.
Heart Attack Tree
There you have it.  A heart attack tree.

(I must apologize about the inconsistencies of these photos.  The weather has been sooo weird.  And today was cloudy, but super windy, so every time my camera's shutter clicked, the lighting had changed.  I didn't want to reshoot all the photos on a day with consistent lighting as I have more projects that I need to photograph also.  So that's that. The end.)

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