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Pretty Little Pieces

After hanging up the posters above our fireplace, I was determined to keep working as hard as I could on our house.  My craft room hasn't been completely unpacked or organized since February 2009.  Like holy long time, right?!  I had boxes and boxes stacked up in my craft room, and I unpacked almost all of them in one day.  There are still remnants in some boxes, and piles waiting for homes, but so much of it has been organized and it's making me feel so motivated!  I have an entire list of projects I want to do this year.  It's very exciting. ^_^
Once I worked on my craft room enough, I brought the troublesome arc lamp upstairs and I'm really really hoping that I can find a place for it in there.  We ended up buying a lamp for the library at Target...and if the arc lamp doesn't work out, I'll be getting a second lamp from Target.  Ha!  It really is cute though.  I finished putting away the books in the library, moved boxes of magazines, and hung up a huge poster with gigantic push pins.  They're wonderfully quirky.  I'm looking forward to projects I have in front of me. In the meantime, I have these pretty little pieces of our home to keep me motivated.

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