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Ruffle Streamers 4 Ways

I've been experimenting with different party decoration ideas. I love ruffles, especially for Valentine's Day. It seems like you can be extra super girly on Valentine's without anyone really complaining. Like those lace doily hearts that you would decorate for valentine exchanges at school? They were totally amazing. These are the ruffle streamers I came up with for Valentine's Day decorations, but they'd really work for most things as long as you change the colors.
crepe paper rolls
coordinating thread
sewing machine
*  I bought my crepe paper rolls at Target in their party section, but I've seen them at party stores and craft stores too.
*  I had originally thought sewing scissors would be best, but I ended up changing to paper scissors.  They're better for cutting the lengths of crepe paper, and when you trim the ends if there is any extra on one side.
*  For the double stacked layers, two layers / four ruffles, and four layers / eight ruffles streamers, you need to have the layers completely stacked on top of each other so you can't see the other pieces.
*  When cutting the crepe paper for your streamers, measure how long you would like the final length to be and double that.  Cut the crepe paper, and repeat for the remaining layers.  Since you're ruffling the layers, they shrink a bit, so you need extra.
*  It's alright if your stitching isn't perfect, it's going to be ruffled anyway.
(Overlapping layers) 
1. Figure out the length you need for the layers and cut them accordingly. (See tips.)
2. Thread your machine with the thread you've chosen. Set the stitch to the longest length (mine is 4.8) and the tension to the tightest (mine is 9).
3. Layer the two colors of the crepe paper so that they cross over each other at the halfway point of each. Basically you want it to be divided into thirds. One third is red (or whatever color you choose), one third is hot pink and red overlapping, and the other third is hot pink. Hopefully that makes sense.
4. Start with a backstitch on one end. Then start sewing down the middle third, where they overlap, making sure to keep them lined up in thirds. The streamers with magically ruffle while you sew. Once you get to the end, backstitch again. Be careful not to rip them while pulled them out from your machine. Trim the strings. Voila! Ruffle streamers.

(Double stacked layers) 
1. Double the length you want your streamers and cut two colors.
2. Thread your machine, making sure you have the longest stitch and tightest tension setting.
3. Layer the two crepe paper colors so they are right on top of each other.
4. Backstitch at one end, sew down the middle, making sure you keep the two layers lined up. Backstitch at the other end, trim, and decorate.
(two layers / four ruffles)
1. Follow the the directions for sewing the double stacked layers streamers above.
2. Once you have trimmed the ending strings, separate the layers on either side of the string using your fingers to pull them apart. They will make a cross sort of shape if you look at it from the top.  See photo above.
(four layers / eight ruffles) 
1. Double the length of crepe paper you need, cut two pieces of one color (i.e. hot pink) and two pieces of a second color (i.e. light pink).
2. Layer the four pieces alternating the colors (i.e. hot pink, light pink, hot pink, light pink.) Line the all up so they are straight together like the double layer double ruffle streamers.
3. Sew the four layers together, keeping the layers straight, and backstitching at the beginning and end.
4. Separate the 4 layers on each side of the string. You'll end up with 8 ruffles total, four on each side of the string.

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