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Smile. Trying to Stay Positive.

Yesterday, I tried to do a project that I had been thinking of for weeks.  Steven and I were both excited about it and I wanted to surprise him when he got home.  It seemed like it would be simple:  bring in an arc lamp, put it in the library, and done.  It wasn't easy.  The lamp is super heavy (so it doesn't fall over from the arc part).  I had to figure out where the plug that's connected to the light switch was.  Turns out it was behind a bookcase that I had loaded up with some super heavy books.  I took all of them off and piled them on the couch.  After moving the bookcase far enough out that I could plug it in, I realized the arc wasn't going to be long enough to reach over the coffee table.  And it was a lot shorter than I had remembered.  I tried moving it to behind the couch, which included moving the books to the opposite side of the room and taking the coffee table out into the entry.  Once it was behind the couch, it still didn't work.  I moved the couch back but I was feeling discouraged, which is so easy for me to do in the winter.  All of my coffee table, books, and rug (that I had to fold in half to move the couch) are still in the same place they were by lunch time yesterday, when I stopped to feed Riley and myself before he laid down for a nap.  I had gotten some toast stamps and decided to try out the "smile" one.  It was just what I needed to make me feel well enough to brainstorm some different projects I want to try soon.
As far as the lamp, I'm going to work on my craft room this weekend, and put it in there.  Right now, it doesn't have any light, so I end up using a camping lantern to find scissors or whatever if the sun has already set.  It's ridiculous and funny.
Two days ago, I hung up some art that we had sitting in a pile.  It's nice to have something pretty to look at.  Usually, our photos, posters, and prints just sit around for months and months. I found some little things that were sitting around our house and stuck them up on the fireplace to create a little vignette I hung up some framed prints too.  I was hammering in a nail (with a big candle, haha!) and everytime I'd start, Riley would say "shhhh!"  I kept laughing.  I went on to unpack 6  big boxes, filter shoes, and organize winter wears.  I brought a storage bench down and organized our dress up clothes. (Though we mostly have a pink kimono, Cinderella dress, and four pairs of fairy/butterfly wings.  Ha!  Sorry Riley.)
So just because yesterday's frustration with my lamp tainted my day (although it did get better), I need to focus on the good things I did on Wednesday.  I got so many wonderful things done that day.  It's hard for me to focus on the good.  I'm pessimistic, and somedays it's really bad.  I can't even seem to remember one good thing that happened in my life.  I'm trying to work on it.  Just because I get upset about something, even if that something is trivial as a lamp, I can do little things that will make me happier, like making a piece of toast that says "smile" and eat two of my favorite fruits.

(smile toast stamp : Dollar section at Target \\ plates : Jonathan Adler (discontinued) \\ glass : Target \\ striped paper straw : Hey Yo Yo \\ posters : MonsterGallery (via Fab) \\  radio : Crosley \\ "H" : Anthropologie \\ 35mm Holga Camera : Urban Outfitters \\ blue bal mason jar:  thrifted \\ mustache on a stick (the kid) : c/o Something's Hiding in Here)

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