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While we've been out...

Paisley caught the flu on the 13th, Riley caught it from her a day and a half later, and I picked it up a day after him. Somehow Steven didn't get it during the week (plus some change) he stayed home with us. Paisley and Riley had a visit with their doctor. Our fevers lasted 7-9 days each. Paisley's temperature made it up to 103.9*F and 104.0*F. Riley had his temperature go up to 104.0*F too. We went through several bottles of Tylenol, half a bottle of ibuprofen, and countless covers for our ear thermometer. I somehow "got drunk" off the normal dosage for NyQuil and ended up stumbling to the bathroom and puking. It was completely hilarious. We ate a ton of toast, jello, applesauce, and popsicles/ice lollies. I lost my voice three times; Steven told Paisley Ursula stole my voice and he and Paisley called me Ariel. We pulled out our Lego Harry Potter (Years 1-4) and Lego Star Wars games for our Wii and spent a bunch of time playing those. Playing Wii was tons of fun after we had watched the majority of shows on our TiVo and exhausted our Disney movie collection. Paisley missed over a week of school and was finally able to go back this past Friday the 18th. Luckily it was a half day because she was pretty exhausted by the time she got home. She dressed up for class that day as what she wanted to be when she grew up. Which was a "wedding princess with butterfly wings and a unicorn, who flew through the sky collecting jewels and beautiful things. Then she made machines out of the beautiful things to make more beautiful things." Most of the other children wanted to be doctors, chefs, the president, etc. (Which sounds like a lot of parents were encouraging "real" jobs. At least to me, it seems that way. Paisley wanted to be a pediatrician for a while, but that's changed obviously. It makes me happy that she wants to be something that's probably quite impossible. Using her imagination has never, ever been her strong point, so I encourage it whenever I can. I admit, I was trying to convince her to be a chef for school. But I'm happy I let her be a wedding princess with butterfly wings and a unicorn horn. It made her happy too.) Her teacher told the class that she "wanted to be a singer when she was little, but God forgot to give her a beautiful voice." Of course, Paisley had the weekend and Monday / Martin Luther King Jr. Day / "Prince Obama Day" to re-cooperate some more. This past Sunday, we spent some time are our Urgent Care. Riley and I both got a secondary infection of bronchitis. We take cough syrup and antibiotics now. Riley is more than happy to take them, which I'm super thankful for. I'm so thankful Steven was able to miss so much time from work. I'm thankful that we started taking antibiotics before our bronchitis turned to pneumonia. I'm thankful we weren't sick any longer than we were. And I'm thankful we didn't get on each other's nerves too much. In fact, we didn't fight very much at all. Perhaps it was the fact that we were all to ill to use our little bit of energy on arguing. I had all these plans to work on some crafts while we were all fighting the flu, but alas, I didn't feel well enough until the last couple days. I need one more piece and then they'll be done and I'll be able to blog about them. I'm really excited about them! I've had them written down in my journal for weeks! It's been frigid here, so I haven't wanted to make a trip to the craft store, especially since Riley and I weren't feeling very well until today. I'm going to try to brave the cold this morning though. It's driving me crazy that I only need one small thing! So hopefully by Friday they'll be on my blog. :) Hope all of you are well!


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