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Calculate / Hand Drawn Valentine Card Printable

calculator valentine
While I was dreamily walking throughout the holiday (Valentine, obviously) section at Target a few weeks ago, Paisley and I noticed these cute little calculators. And who doesn't want a cute little pink heart calculator?!  (Of course, there were other colors.  Red, a mauve-y purple color, something else, and Pink.  Yep, I capitalized that.)  While we were still wandering around, I stopped Steven and told him (in a mockingly sappy voice), "I could never calculate my love for you!"  We laughed while Paisley and Riley decided which candy looked the most appetizing and which they were going to ask for.  Steven, who is the oh-so-romantic and corny one, said that it was even too corny for him.  But I plopped it in our cart.  A few days ago, while watching LOST (♥) I started sketching ideas for a valentine that could incorporate the little thing.  Yesterday morning, I settled on one idea and played around with it.  Once Steven was home, I set about drawing it.  Luckily I didn't have to use more than a half sheet of paper (aka I got it on my first try.)
Valentine Downloads (use with calculator)
So here it is!  A little, cheesy valentine.  I made two color ways (ruby red & blue and light & dark pink) and I also have a blank one, for anyone who wants to color it or whatever.  You can either cut along the edges or you can make it a rectangle.  If you decide to go the rectangle route, the final dimensions should be 5.25 inches by 7.25 inches.  I printed mine on cardstock, and attached the calculator with double stick tape.

(for personal use only)

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