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DIY Glitter Heart Tree

DIY glitter heart tree
Once I made my heart attack tree, I decided I wanted to do more.  They're so much fun, and I love how you can fit them almost everywhere.  I made a bunch of these, albeit different colors and theme, for a Christmas party at church.  I added the heart border on the bottom of this because the other ones had seemed unfinished.  I like this one more I think.  No, I do.  Everything about it is my favorite.  Glitter, pink, hearts.  What's not to love?  Anyway, this project came together super fast.  I made it in my craft room this morning while Riley played Hungry Hungry Hippos, ate a snack, and played on his iPad mini.  Obviously, I don't like leaving him alone for long since he's two, but he's good for a while.  He likes to come visit me while I'm in my craft room too, so it's nice I can see him and make sure he's not covered in powder sugar or something.  Ha!
supplies (DIY glitter tree)
poster board (not shown)
ruler (not shown)
white glue
paint to match glitter
foam brush
heart punch (optional)
draw cut glue (DIY glitter tree)
FYI:  I made a 9 inch cone, to go with my 9 inch(ish) heart attack tree.  You can make any size cone you would like, just make sure your circle that you cut out has a radius the same height you want your tree.  E.g. 12 inch circle = 6 inch cone / 18 inch circle = 9 inch cone / 6 inch circle = 3 inch cone.  Make sense?

1.  Tie a piece of string around your pencil, measure your string to 9 inches, add a little bit for holding, and trim with the scissors.  (Or if you have a compass that can has a 9 inch span, you can use that too.  But I'm not cool like that.)  Use the pencil/string combo to draw an 18" circle.  Cut out your circle.  Fold your circle in half, and crease it gently.  Open the circle and cut down the crease.  Set aside the other half for another project (like the one I'll be posting tomorrow *hint hint*).
2.  Roll your semicircle up to make a cone.  Try to keep the bottom of the cone flat and lined up, as well as the top closed.  (I have a problem with this still, but whatever, I still like them.)
3.  Draw a thin bead of glue on the inside of the outer seam.  Press the seam to the cone, hold it until it dries.  (I like to lay it down on my table, and press it from the inside, so the glue doesn't get on my hands.  But try to not get too much glue in the first place.)
paint then glitter (DIY glitter tree)
4.  Paint 2 coats on the cone.  It's easiest to know where the beginning and end is if you start at the seam.
5.  Be sure the paint is dry.  Acrylic paint dried quickly but it's best to be sure.  It should only take a few minutes if you did thin coats.  Thoroughly wash the glue from the foam brush while waiting.
6-7.  Working in sections, brush the white glue onto the tree, then sprinkle with glitter.  Move onto the next section.  You must be fast to get the glitter on the glue before it dries.  (For the pictures of this tutorial, I only did one tiny brush stroke of glue.  I usually draw a triangle of glue from base to tip, spreading the glue to fill in the triangle.)  When the cone is completely glittered, set it aside.
heart border (DIY glitter tree)
8.  Using your punch (or scissors) cut out hearts from the cardstock.
9.  Put a medium sized dot on the back center of the heart, line the pointed bottom of the heart up with the base, and push the heart into the tree.  Hold it on for just a minute, and it should stick.
(DIY glitter tree)

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