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42 before 26

42 before 26 title
I know a lot of bloggers/people who do a "30 before 30" list or whatever age they will be turning on their next birthday.  I wanted to try it this year.  I started brainstorming back in February and one thing led to another and I ended up with a list that's twice as long as it was going to be!  It all works out though since 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything.  Anyway, if I end up completing half of this list, I'll be happy.  But I figured it's good to set my goals high.  I'll be sharing my progress as things go along.  Some of them have deadlines for my birthday next year (well they all do), like things that are meant to do weekly and monthly.
42 before 26 list
*42 before 26*
1.  make Blurb books for all of 2012
2.  create monthly mood boards
3.  read ≥ 13 books     {DONE}
4.  have Wes Anderson, Tim Burton, & Harry Potter movie marathons
5.  print photos every month (instagram & regular)
6.  use my regular camera every week
7.  shoot ≥ 3 rolls of film & develop them
8.  put together a church activity/busy bag
9.  take (& enjoy) a bath     {DONE}
10.  buy something vintage
11.  paint half moon nails
12.  do yoga every Saturday with Paisley & Riley
13.  make a memory jar
14.  fill up a new scrapbook album
15.  submit pages for publication
16.  finish Riley's quilt
17.  learn how to do custom white balance
18.  do Arrow & Apple's "Making Daylight" class (oops, it's actually called "The Study of Light")
19.  take Kara Haupt's "This & That" class
20.  bake a layered cake    {DONE}
21.  make homemade pasta
22.  bake a loaf of bread ≥ 1/month
23.  go swimming (a lot)
24.  build a coffe table
25.  use power tools to make something
26.  create a new playlist on iTunes
27.  go on a trip to the beach     {DONE}
28.  see the wild ponies 
29.  ride my bike ≥ 150 times
30.  go to a live performance     {DONE}
31.  buy nude flats
32.  buy black flats
33.  try some new teas     {DONE}
34.  learn gun safety     {DONE}
35.  shoot a gun (at a range)     {DONE}
36.  sort through the basement
37.  start the process of buying a house
38.  add 20 new *good* recipes to our cookbook
39.  learn to rollerskate 
40.  paint pottery
41.  redesign blog
42.  learn 5 new hairstyles

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