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One of my goals for this next year (birthday to birthday) is to fill up a new scrapbook with pages. I've been so excited about this since I've been organizing my craft room. I haven't had an organized craft space since I lived in Arizona way back in 2007-2009. Once we moved cross country, I just never went through it all. While I was sorting paper I started setting some aside that I really liked together. Ironically, I didn't use many of the papers I picked out. But I'm happy with the way they turned out. I have a favorite and a least favorite of these...but I made some more pages since finishing these and I like them even better. It's fun to see the patterns/colors/techniques I like between them all when I laid them all out on the floor today. I'll photograph the others and post them later this week. Anyway, to the pages we go! so ready for summer so ready for summer title ready for summer side detail
ready for summer corner detail your smile your smile title fairy godmother fair godmother title

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