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This past weekend, we went to the loveliest little party at a shop in Georgetown.  Since we were only a couple blocks away, we walked over the Sprinkles to get their "cherry blossom cupcake" (their special flavor during the cherry blossom festival).  It's their summer cherry flavor.  It has pureed cherries in the cake and frosting.  I had wanted to compare it to the cherry blossom cupcake from our favorite cafe and bakery.  Unfortunately, the had stopped offering their cherry blossom cupcake the day before.  So I just had this one.  I am usually always a fan of Sprinkles' cupcakes.  I am usually not a fan of cherry flavored things.  I think they taste like cough syrup.  But.  I really enjoyed this cupcake.  Their cake is moist and I like the texture of their frosting.  Yum yum.

On a different note.  The ENT today actually felt my lump!!!  He also said it should just be a swollen lymph node.  So the plan, as of now, is to continue taking a butt load of motrin every day and to do warm compresses every night for an hour.  (Which I realized I forgot to tonight, and I'll be going to bed in just a few minutes.)

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