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#34 Learn Gun Safety & #35 Shoot a Gun (at a Range)

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While my parents were in town the latter part of March, my dad, Steven, and I went to a gun range.  My dad and Steven taught me gun safety, as well as a person at the range.  (They're all qualified, don't worry.)  We rented guns, but brought our own targets.  I had a 22mm.  I admit, I was nervous to actually shoot a gun.  I had been out a bunch of times with my dad, the Boy Scouts, and other men from my church growing up when they were shooting.  So I wasn't going in blindly.  But I had always turned down the opportunity to shoot.  I ended up shooting 8 targets.  I hit a few bulls eyes and by the end I wasn't all over the place.  I think it was worth it to learn.  I know so many people are anti gun but, to me, it was worth it.  And that's all that matters.

I changed one of my side linky dinks on the left to "42 before 26" so it makes it easier to follow along or visit my goals.  So yep.  I only have a few right now, but I'm excited about some more coming up.  ^_^

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