ka ti ec up ca ke


I will probably post a lot of puppy pictures for the next while. (I'll probably still post other things too, but I can't be sure.) You can unfollow me if you'd like.
// AKC name is "Timbreblue Gets Tattooed"
(formerly known as Kate from the Blue Bloods litter)

It's very much like having a newborn and a toddler all at once.  Steven's been missing out on the most sleep.  But I've been waking up a lot too.  We have photos from the puppy party we went to on Saturday on my camera still.  But the thought of going through all of them and writing more than a few more words makes my brain feel like mush.  So I'm off to snuggle a sleeping puppy.  Bye bye.

(Oh if you have any tips on crate training, I'd love to hear them.  Last night was less than ideal.)


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