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Anchors Away

On Monday Steven, Paisley, and I all had dentist appointments.  It was Paisley's first real dentist visit.  She went back all on her own and was super amazing!  I was really surprised!  She'll need one filling in a month, which we had anticipated since we found the cavity while she was flossing a couple weeks ago.  After the dentist we came home to let Pepper out and zipped off to another appointment.  When that was all done, we grabbed dinner and stopped by the mall to buy some undies.  Ha!  Did I just blog about that?  I did.  Aerie is have a super awesome sale (7 for $27) and I like theirs more than VS's, so we went.  And now you all know where I buy underwear. #iovershare #whatevs

So, about my clothes.  Top.  Super soft, cutest anchor and polka dots.  I love the collar and peplum.  All of my favorite things wrapped up in one.  Denim.  I wear these allllll the time.  I bought them on sale a year or two ago.  They're one of my favorite colors.  In fact, they're the exact same color as the inside of my glasses, so people always comment on that when I wear them.  Shoes.  Glitter.  Wedges.  Jeffrey Campbell.  I bought these when we went to New York a few years ago.  It was a wonderful shoe shopping trip and I bought a bunch of glitter shoes.  I've been ignoring that section of my shoes for a while but I feel my love for them growing again.  (^_^)
Outfit Details:
shirt:  Forever 21
denim:  Free People
shoes:  Jeffrey Campbell  (it's a 99 Tie Glitter in case you want to go search eBay or something)
(almost the most simple outfit details ever.)

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